UX Strategy and Design Services | Climax Media

UX Design Approach

UX can make or break a site. Properly-executed, intuitive design can build trust in a user, and strengthen their engagement with your product, brand, and business. Our UX team works closely with our strategists and developers to produce an experience that is seamless and clear. Working with an expertise of areas like user flows, target personas, and data deliverables, we ensure that a user's needs are met by the final product.


One of the most important elements in good UX is how the information on your website or app is arranged. Your customers need to find information easily, and a good taxonomy helps make an intuitive product. We take into account business priorities, goal completion, SEO, and personas built during discovery to create an Information Architecture and Sitemap that works beautifully for your customers.


The goals of the users get carried down into an interface level, starting with wireframes. Taking into account the context of the page in the user journey, we craft an experience on page that doesn’t have a dead end without a goal completion. One that allows you to cross sell, and always has a best next step for each user type.


Even the best ideas need to be tested and validated. Our UX teams can test assumptions through prototyping and see if the experience in the wireframes is the right approach before diving too deep into development. That way your end product is built right from release.