Web Analytics Services Toronto | Climax Media

“What can be measured can be gamed.”

What we bring to the table goes beyond upfront ideas and execution, we need to prove that what we do has long-term value. During the discovery process, we develop our project KPIs with your team. Whether it’s conversion, bounce rate, or creating a new user flow, we make sure that success on the project can be measured and proven. We help your team create the business case for new features and functions, before deciding what’s worth pursuing. Our team develops reporting unique to your business to fully capture what ROI from digital means for your brand.


We take the personas we’ve built and construct idealized behavior paths based on the cognitive steps of the buyer’s journey as a whole. That’s all well and good, but how does that apply to analytics? We take those behavior paths and give them KPIs, numbers we can measure against and start to shape your user journeys to match testing all along the way. Once we start showing impact, we know we’re on the right path.


Multivariant and A/B testing is a big part of analytics. Small changes can have a big impact, especially at the enterprise level. We help you test your messaging and UX elements on a consistent basis to tweak your digital assets until they are perfect. Your customer’s needs change over time so evolving your messaging is vital to your brands success.

Custom Reporting

Visualizing this data is the last step, giving you live feeds in a fashion that can be easily interpreted. By understanding the KPIs, and what we are testing, we create a custom dashboard for you to review your data, and share with your team to show your digital performance. You can see how you are doing in real time and adjust where needed.