Enterprise Web Development Services | Climax Media

So where do we begin?

We’re entrepreneurs, both dynamic and creative. We understand what it takes to manage digital relationships between brands and consumers. Through agility in strategy and execution, we build journeys with measurable impact. We cover the full digital ecosystem, from enterprise-level CMS and apps, to e-comm platforms, analytics and user experience design. We’ve applied 15 years of experience to perfect an approach that integrates a user-centric mindset with flawless development.

Digital Strategy

It all starts with strategy. You can’t build what you can’t fully articulate. We take your team through a detailed discovery process where we learn the imperative business, brand, and technology goals that we can address through your project. We learn what makes you tick and where you stand in the marketplace using analytics and demographic modelling. These practices help us fully understand what produces strong emotional bonds with your target market, so we can map out user journeys and better understand what’s missing from your approach, as well as identify hidden value already living within your business.

User Experience

In order for a site to be successful, you have to understand how your users are going to engage with it. Our UX teams specialize in taking our strategy and bringing it to life through vivid wire-framing for desktop and mobile devices, giving you an upfront understanding of how the product will look and feel. We take into account user behavior data and the intended user journeys, and plan user experiences that are clear, precise, and enjoyable.


Your brand needs to come through in every page and every detail. We don’t make boiler plate or templated websites. We make you recognizable, even if the user doesn’t see your logo. Your brand should be identifiable across all digital mediums, whether it’s your web copy, apps, or social. Climax defines the requirements for that unified vision with a strategically led creative process.

Agile Web Development

Iterative and test-driven, we take your projects through the steps of development with our agile, sprint-based methodology. Our architects take the information from our ‘features and functions’ portion of the tech discovery and produce a product designed to stand the test of time. We focus on speed and feedback, giving you a preview of work every two weeks until completion.

Mobile First

Mobile first isn’t slang; it’s a necessity. The majority of traffic is mobile, meaning that your site needs to perform flawlessly on any device. We take this approach from kickoff, with a full understanding 
of how conversion on mobile differs from desktop. We need to make sure lead generation performs in any environment.

Web Analytics

There’s no shortage data for your website or app. You can see what a user is doing nearly every second. The challenge however, is finding a way to tie this data back to a behavior that you can act on. How do you know if your website is built properly to address your target market’s goals? Well, that’s where we come in.

QA Software Testing

When your product is released, you should have absolute certainty that it is structurally sound, bug-free, and compatible across all environments. Using the most up-to-date methodologies and software, our in-house QA team tests every single piece of code that we develop to ensure its sustainability. This way we not only meet industry and legal standards. We exceed them.