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My Journey To Mindfulness

Becoming more self-aware doesn't happen overnight, it takes patience, time, and a couple of workshops with Climax employees.

We decided to incorporate mindfulness into our every day by providing ongoing workshops with Stacy from Irie Soul. Here’s my experience attending those workshops.

The decision to invite Stacy back to Climax to conduct mindfulness workshops was a continuation of the success of our Stress Relief Week back in August. During Stress Relief Week, the activities that were organized turned out to have a large impact on how we felt; it made sense that it just couldn’t stop there. We decided to bring Stacy on for something more long term. So, we introduced Monthly Mindfulness Workshops.

Her sessions with us at Climax Media have been less lecture-, instruction- and teaching-based; rather more group discussions, asking questions and ‘ah-ha’ self-realization moments.  With a focus on neuroscience, Stacy guides us through understanding our stress, our reactions, and our habits before discussing ways to change them.

The sessions are open for everyone to attend and so far, they have covered topics such as reframing thoughts, reducing stress, and time management. The sessions are encouraged as time to leave our desk, break from our busy day, and focus on self-care.

A Better Understanding

The time we spend with Stacy is an opportunity to bring the team closer. The discussions allow us to open up about the unique ways we deal with conquering our workload. We learn different perspectives, gain insight into our colleagues, and feel a sense of togetherness. Sometimes we make assumptions about how our colleagues deal with stress – and you know what they say about assuming. Opening up across the table connects us and allows for us to be more conscious of each other. We learn how to be more supportive and understanding.

We always have a short, guided meditation to kick off our workshops; making it an even more relaxing time away from our work. Our time with Stacy can sometimes feel like a group therapy session where people are free to share, observe, listen, self-reflect, and know they are not alone in their struggles. Stacy brings forth insights to the different coping mechanisms we can habitually incorporate to manage distress. With her knowledge of self-awareness, empowerment, and mindfulness, her workshops give us an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of how our brains function.

The Right Direction

Working in a fast-paced industry can pressure us into feeling the need to take everything on all at once. We seldom realize that our mental and physical state is suffering. Stacy reminds us to stop, wait, pay attention to where our mind is trailing, how we’re breathing, and what it is that’s getting us worked up. We learn to understand how our body is communicating to us. Regardless of how crazy things are around us, taking those moments to be present and center ourselves can bring us down to a calmer state. Ultimately, the work and inner knowledge comes from within. Sometimes, we just need a reminder and a little nudge in the right direction.

About The Author

Paula Reid is the Culture & Engagement Coordinator here at Climax.
Stacy Chang-Christoforou conducts mindfulness workshops for the Climax Media team.

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