QA, Compliancy, and Software Testing | Climax Media

QA Methodologies

Van Halen famously put brown M&Ms on their riders to see if the promoter noticed all the details and therefore operated safely for live events. Inventive product needs to be flawless to be effective and trusted, even a small defect or broken experience can cause a user to be turned off. Small flaws in security, user experience, and functionality can change how someone sees your brand. It can be the “canary in the coal mine” that turns people off your service. As a part of our custom web builds, as well as an ongoing service for our clients, we provide a variety of QA and testing services.

AODA Compliance and WCAG

With the looming 2021 deadline for AODA compliancy and the increasing need for WCAG compliance from other regions, your web properties need to stay compliant before facing heavy fines. We offer auditing services, testing, and compliance-as-a-service (CaaS) for AODA to get your website up to snuff. Whether you need ongoing compliance, or just a quick tune-up, we can help your brand be seen by more consumers.


Browsers and devices range in size, resolution, and, in some cases. functionality. We test your properties on all major devices, using multiple carriers as well as different browsers to see how your product behaves in different environments. In doing so, we catch issues that even the most accurate emulators can miss.


A good digital ecosystem can cover a lot of areas. Everything from your CRM, e-commerce engine, CMS, and databases need to work in concert to provide the best experience for your customers. Achieving this requires integrations and, without extensive testing, integrations can easily break. By setting up a custom testing environment, our dedicated QA team looks for weakness and errors with your integration efforts. We also help you keep your APIs up to date, allowing for future integrations to be done more easily.


During the development process, custom tools and software often introduce new functionality to your brand. Working against the functional requirements set out during our discovery phase, we work with you to ensure that that your products meets all the needed specifications. When your idea is ready for market, we can guarantee it’s in perfect working order.

Automated Testing

Some elements are too large to test manually, with thousands or millions of potential outcomes. Our automation testing covers security and functional infrastructure, using our own in-house proprietary software. We can run these tests continuously, or audit an existing system. In doing so, we ensure that your systems are fully functional, and can handle any input thrown at it.