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Our Agile Approach

We believe truly great product development is iterative, and that perfection is a process and a journey. After our discovery phase, we build a team for every project we take on. We create a self-reliant pod that learns your brand, your goals, and understands the product vision from day one. The result is that everyone who touches your project believes in the vision and is working towards it.

Pods: A Primer

Pods are self-sustaining ecosystems responsible for the delivery of quality software. They are built with team members from different skill-sets, giving the combination of experience and talent. Team members sit together side-by-side with their BA (Business Analyst) and PO (Product Owner). communicating effectively in real time. By doing this, we can measure a project's progress, and adjust how we operate in each coming sprint.

Sprints: Rapid and Iterative

Sprints refer to a process that lets us tackle the features and functions of your projects quickly and efficiently. We take all the work and divide them into two week sprints knowing where we can accomplish significant progress. Taking your feedback at the end of each sprint and working it into the next one, we give you direct input into project direction. It also lets us build on top of your end product, adding new features on the fly when required.

Sprint 0: Planning Your Project

In Sprint 0, we work with you to prioritize the features and functions that we can consider a “Minimum Viable Product”. This is where we determine what is truly important to your customers and how they fit with your business goals. We create a sprint schedule where the priority items are built first so you have something worth putting in market early and can use real data to determine how it can be improved upon.

Sprint Hardening: Polishing

At the end of your sprint schedule comes a “hardening” sprint. This is where we tweak snippets of code, functions, and work through any technical debt built up throughout the project. This gives you the opportunity to get a more polished project at the end by dealing with anything lingering in the backlog and put the finishing touches on your vision. It allows you to look the product holistically and see if it’s met your criteria.