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Stress Relief

Company culture goes deeper than foosball tables, nice couches, and a fully stocked kitchen.

Fun add-ons are great to have, but aside from satisfying the odd snack craving, they’re in the Climax office to support our mental health in the workplace. When we have so much to get done for our clients, it’s easy to lose sight of how to manage stress. We sometimes forget to step away from our desk and be mindful of our anxiety levels. Making sure our team is equipped to manage pressure has a positive impact on productivity and company growth but also helps people who are suffering through headaches, upset stomach, muscle tension and even psychological issues. We don’t always know what might be happening outside of work for our employees and it’s important we support them as best we can.

Take that extra step

Climax recently organized a Stress Relief Week and it was more than just a perfect way for the team to catch some relaxation during work. Stress Relief Week sparked a conversation about the different ways in which stress affects each of us. Recognizing what causes our stress and our habits in dealing with it is the best way to figure out how to push through and get over those overwhelming times.

One of the most obvious ways to deal with stress is yoga. Our visit to Pure Yoga was a chance for a group of us to stretch, breath and become in tune with our bodies. That wasn’t the only physical activity on the schedule, we also got our heart rate up with a bootcamp style workout at Strive Life Athletics. Breaking a sweat not only helps you feel good physically but it’s been proven to decrease levels of tension, and stabilize mood. So, the next time you step foot in the gym remember you’re also doing your mental health a favour.

It’s Different for Everyone

Stacey from Irie Soul put together meditation and mindfulness workshops for us. These two workshops worked hand in hand in to encourage open conversation about how each of us deals with stress. We learned that meditation can be different for everyone. It can be intimidating to attempt to reach that calm state when our minds are racing a mile a minute. Meditation is about paying attention to where our mind is travelling and being conscious of our mind during our meditation. It’s okay if certain moments are more difficult to focus than others. Both workshops taught us that meditation can be a different yet fulfilling activity for each of us.

We also took the time to learn about a valuable resource called NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society). NABS offers support in a wide variety of issues including anxiety/stress, grieving, financial management, career counselling and more on their helpline.

Making An Impact

It’s no secret at all that companies need to understand how stress is having an impact on their team.  According to Statistics Canada 27% of Canadian workers claim to have high to extreme levels of stress on a daily basis. In addition, 46% of Canadian workers reported that they felt “a bit” of stress on a day-to-day basis. Lastly 62% of workers say work is their main source of stress. Rather than accepting these disappointing numbers we wanted to see what we could do to make a difference.

We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Stress Relief Week initiative. Our employees were engaged and interested. Many participated in multiple events and reached out to our Culture & Engagement team to express their happiness with the program. Because of the response that we received, we decided to put more resources into these types of activities. We have signed on for six more months of workshops that will include topics such as Stress Recovery, Positivity, Naturality, Time Management, and Self Care. And, as I’m writing this, a group of our employees are heading out for a lunch time yoga class.

Stress Relief Week was a challenging yet rewarding experience for many of us. In the end, everyone walked away with a better understanding of how important this topic is. Integrating fresh ways to build a stress supportive environment is just one aspect of our company culture. How have you supported your team when they are stretched thin? We’d love to hear from you.