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What is a Progressive Web App?

The Next Big Thing In Web Development

Anticipated to be the next big thing in web development, Progressive Web Apps offer enormous potential for helping your business capture traffic. Through their power of offering lightning fast response, indexible content, and app-like experiences this new style of development could offer a major boom for brands. Here, we break down their potential.

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

With users three more times more likely to reopen a mobile application than a website, ensuring seamless mobile experiences is becoming increasingly important for a business’s success. Progressive Web Apps offer a very similar experience to native applications through the framework of an actual website development. Progressive Web Apps are fast, sustainable, and accessible; combining the best of native apps and product websites.

Fast and Responsive

Progressive Web Apps utilize a number of features that makes them lightweight, and accessible. These range from being served on an HTTPS, CDN hosting, page transitions and the ability to be added to a mobile home screen. They resemble native apps on IOS and Android, but are built on an application shell model, making them easy to maintain and update.

Start URL Works Offline

One of the most appealing features of Progressive Web Apps is their caching capabilities, which allows the app to function without consistent wireless or 3G signal. This means that a user’s experience is never interrupted by a service interruption, or device issue, or even their morning commute. The app will update itself when a signal is available.

Greater SEO Potential

Because progressive web sites are technically websites, their content is discoverable by search engines, and automatically indexed by Google. This gives them a major advantage over native applications.

In Conclusion

Progressive Web Apps have a lot of advantages. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, they enable your product to have the core functionality of an app, customized to meet your specific business needs. However, if you need to build something that doesn’t require frequent use, we might suggest a more conventional website, which we can also help you with.

For more information on Progressive Web Apps, feel free to review Google’s guidelines, this breakdown by Smashing Magazine and, of course, Mozilla Developer Network.

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