Case Study: Canon Canada - Climax Media

Canon Canada A Digital Transformation

Working With A Digital Powerhouse

Ranked fourth among most reputable brands by the Reputation Institute, Canon Canada has long been considered an industry leader in digital imaging from cameras and printers to medical and security equipment to imaging software. When it came to revamping their digital approach, the company sought a way to connect their users to their products in a deeper way while inspiring creativity and imagination.

A Mac computer with new Canon homepage

The Canon Brand – Mastery and Craftsmanship

During our discovery phase, what stood out to us most about the Canon brand was the mastery and craftsmanship embodied in every one of their products. We knew we wanted to not only showcase these products, but also illustrate the role and relationship they have with real artists and their work. Canon is a visual brand, and we wanted to use visual language when connecting with the average user. A lot of great people do great things with Canon products. We wanted to put that on display.

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Connecting with Canon

We discovered that Canon has a lot of potential business verticals, each with its own needs and buyer’s journeys. Working closely with the Canon team, we crafted our strategy by building detailed and rich emotional personas that would work with the platform. We wanted to make it easy for users to find product information and connect with Canon support.

Canon’s customers are as wide ranging as the company’s products: consumers shopping for regular point-and-shoot cameras; professional photographers upgrading their gear; and small-, mid- and large-sized corporations looking after their business needs. Tying this level of detail to our wireframes, creative, and content would give us a user experience that would truly make the site sing. By grouping buyers’ journeys into three main segments—consumer, business and professional—we created personalized paths for each user.

A Mac computer with new Canon homepage

Canon’s Technology

We didn’t stop there. We knew that the key to a seamless experience would rely on a secure and sustainable technical infrastructure. Our detailed technical audit uncovered that performance and scalability were the most important concerns. We took that to heart and customized a content management system that can be easily managed and maintained.

Using a modular approach, we gave Canon’s administrators greater flexibility in the type of content they could create, providing them with new ways to respond to their customers’ needs and maintain their leading position in the industry.

Putting the pieces together

Users can now visit and expect more than just a website about cameras. In one platform, consumers can see how to take their artistry further with a Canon product; professional photographers can see what would take them to the next level; and industry verticals can see how high-end equipment can help their businesses.