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Bold (and not so bold) Predictions for 2018

Our best guess for what next year will hold...

As we wrap up 2017, a year marked by bizarre events and extreme change, it stands to reason that 2018 will be no less tumultuous. Whether political, cultural, or in tech, seismic shifts have been dominating the news. Things are moving so quickly, it’s getting difficult to keep track. Cars on Mars , AI in Hospitals, or even front flipping robots . While it is impossible to truly predict what will happen in 2018, it’s fun to try. So without further ado, here are my bold (and not so bold) predictions for 2018!


Cryptocurrency and Environmentalism

It’s been written about before, but the impact on energy consumption from cryptocurrency is growing at an alarming rate. Bitcoin is already using more energy than the entire country of Denmark . Given the valiant attempts at green energy and Paris accord targets looming, how long before these cryptocurrencies start seeing the backlash of ecowarriors? A currency not backed by anything physical and drawing enormous resources to maintain will eventually draw ire from lawmakers as well. Blockchain is here to stay, but how we approach this technology will need to change in the coming year. Expect this to either fail, or be the harbinger of the energy revolution.

Ghost Kitchens

Uber eats has been testing a new concept called “Ghost Kitchens”, where there is no actual restaurant, no storefront, and no wait staff. The idea is just an industrial kitchen that can produce food only for delivery through its application. It’s a simple but great idea, now real estate, design and staffing costs can be greatly reduced and focus just on operations and food quality. If successful, you can bet these will pop up everywhere in major cities where entrepreneurs can start a restaurant without the heavy investment by offering their food only for delivery. We think this could be a huge trend in 2018.

Progressive Web Apps will be in Vogue

The majority of people still aren’t really aware of Google’s PWA’s and what they can do, and that’s understandable. There aren’t many in market at the moment, but with Starbucks moving their rewards program to a progress web app, we could see a big shift as other company’s follow suit. Progressive Web Apps offer a platform for companies to maintain an app that isn’t native and draws on a lot of the same functionality a traditional app would have. Small wonder why they are attractive to larger brands, but how long until they are mainstream?

Lead Attribution and AI

Google is fighting the good fight against Last Click Attribution (the idea that the last piece of marketing you interacted with is the one that made you purchase), and is releasing in Beta their new attribution model that weighs your other marketing in the conversion process. Digital is going through a renaissance of how we understand the buyer’s journey, AI will play a big role in understanding this. Unleashing the processing power of AI to properly weigh the value of activities the user takes could lead us to make better marketing decisions and understand our customers better.

2018 will surely take us in some wild directions, with new tech that can’t be predicted. While we wait for the clock to strike midnight on 2017, 2018 presents us with a lot of exciting opportunities. What new tech trends do you think will dominate 2018? Let us know!